Google has announced that support for the Maps api for Flash will be discontinued as of September 2nd, 2014. This means that the main screen of the ARIS editor will stop functioning in it’s current form. While it was our original goal to have ARIS 2.0 available by this date, we want ARIS 2.0 to be our best release ever. To ensure that happens, we need additional time to finish some features and perform additional testing.

To bridge between the time Google disables the Map in ARIS 1.x and the release of ARIS 2.0, we have created a transitional version of the editor that does not rely on the map to make and modify games. This should give us all the time we need to make sure 2.0 is just right. It also will allow authors with big games to spend time testing their content in 2.0 before having to commit to the new version. Everyone will be able to continue working on their games in the 1.x transitional version until they are confident that 2.0 is a better choice.

Launch the Transitional Editor Now


ARIS Transitional Editor

ARIS Transitional Editor

In the transitional version, the main screen is a table that fills most of the screen. Each row represents one location, a placement of a game object into the game via a GPS location or a QR code. All the information that was originally available within the individual map call-out annotations can be seen at a glance.

To set a location, you will click on the “Edit” button in the location column for the location they want to change. A new browser tag will launch that allows you to drag and drop the map pin to set that objects location. Every movement is saved back to the game. When you are done, close the map tab in your browser to return to the editor.

ARIS Transitional editor

ARIS Transitional Editor Map Editor

We hope that this transitionary version provides some stability while we continue putting all of our momentum into the next generation of ARIS.

One Response

  • Hello, we are making a game starting this week. We are developing the first chapter on December, but we need the game to remain available on 2015 to continue the story.
    Should we use the editor 2.0. or this one is going to be reset and games deleted?
    Is it better that we use de transitional editor?’ We don’t know if games made with the editor 2.0 are public or just for testing.