We are super excited to announce our new lab: Field Day—at Wisconsin Institute for Discovery. For the past several years we were known as the Mobile Learning Incubator (MLI) at DoIt, and ARIS was our pilot project. With ARIS’s success and growth, our vision and projects expanded to include additional authoring tools—Siftr and The Nomen Project (our Field Research Tool). Field Day is the new umbrella under which all of our platforms, tools, and projects will now be housed. ARIS as you know it won’t go away; it is just part of something bigger and more exciting.


How do we define ourselves here at Field Day?


We are a truly interdisciplinary team of educational researchers, software engineers, artists, and storytellers, exploring the intersection of contemporary learning science and media design, specializing in mobile media, video games, and simulation. Central to our educational philosophy is the process of learning through making. Why give people games when they can create them? We believe in keeping our tools free and open source, inspiring collaborative grassroots user communities and a robust network of educators and students iterating on one another’s designs. Seeking to do what’s never been done before, we constantly innovate, play, take risks, and mess-make.


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