As part of a class project for Jon McKenzie and Alainya Kavaloski’s English 550 course at UW Madison, students were tasked with creating ARIS games as re-representations of theoretical texts. Here are two projects we just couldn’t help sharing.

Echoes of Feminism

Feminists for the Future was asked to help invent a new genre of experimental theory called ARIT (augmented reality interactive theory), based on the popular form of a theory comix and produced in the platform of ARIS (augmented reality interactive storytelling.) As ARIS affords interactivity while maintaining a space for relaying stories and histories, one goal of the project was to design and build theory for interactive mobile media. Feminism: A Graphic Guide acted as the theory comix of which was translated into ARIS; feminism’s history was mapped onto Madison, Wisconsin using the book’s experience design, information architecture, and information design as guide.

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PoMo’s Adventure

This will be an interactive theory based on the book Postmodernism for Beginners. The player acts as a Good Samaritan, who helps an amnesiac they meet rediscover his identity. The player will do this by talking to various people and collecting things that the amnesiac recognizes. The player will then bring this information back to the amnesiac and discuss the theories and objects that make up postmodernism.

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