ARIS 2.0 is the most exciting release we have ever offered. Every part of the authoring tool, server and client have been re-designed to best facilitate the ways we have watched people use our software. This is our best version of ARIS yet, it’s a tool to help designers think about the kinds of mobile experiences they want to create for their players.

HTML5 Editor

The ARIS 2.0 authoring tool is built 100% in HTML5. This means it can be used on mobile tablets in the field to make tweaks and test without using a desktop computer.

A ‘Mine” Tab

Since player and editor accounts are unified in ARIS 2, games you are working on are displayed in a new tab on the game picker screen. This is not only convenient for a single user, but also allows aid collaboration by easily sharing access with other editor and tester users before releasing your app to the public.

Mine Tab

Scenes and Triggers

Scenes are the new way to organize your games. Scenes allow designers to think about not only the places a game takes place, but the sequence of experiences it creates. We watched how people storyboarded their games by drawing boxes around larger portions of the game, then linked them together to show player progression. In ARIS 2.0, we enable that kind of design thinking right in the tool.

We also realized that GPS is only one way that designers think about their creations. In ARIS 2.0, game objects in scenes can be triggered either by GPS, a QR code or by meeting some sort of “lock” condition, which allows for objects to be chained together in a sequence.




Visual Map

For authors who are creating GPS games, the map tab in ARIS 2.0 allows the author to not only see the game from above, but also see how the GPS limits intersect.


Visual Dialog Editing

One of the most exciting features of ARIS 2.0 is the new dialog editor. Every element of a dial interaction can be created without using any special xml codes. Dialog can be strung together to produce whole conversations between multiple characters. Best of all, unlike ARIS 1.x, any place in the dialog allows for player choices that take the conversation in new directions.

Visual Conversations

Visual Locks

Locks are the new way to build logic into your game. Locks allow designers to specify the conditions in which the player has access to game content and when the game progresses. In ARIS 2.0, locks are created in a more visual way, showing the conditions and their relationships to each other.

Transitioning from legacy ARIS to ARIS 2

When you first open the new client, you may be surprised that your legacy games do not show. Because ARIS 2.0 is so new, your old content will need to be imported. Legacy games can be imported into ARIS 2 right from the games screen, by simply clicking on the game’s name. For the vast majority of users, the system does all the work, automatically producing a playable ARIS 2 game.

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Get started!

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