The purpose of this summit is to bring together ARIS stakeholders together to collaborate around the future of the platform and it’s use. We hope this day together will strengthen the community through collaboration around existing projects and conversations around topics like museum use, youth design, evaluation, software improvements, etc.

Connection with GLS and Playful Learning Summit (PLS)

The Playful Learning Summit, a pre-conference gathering for the Games+Learning+Society conference is our awesome host. They are handling registration, lunch and a lake-side Happy Hour. That means you will register for the PLS on their website and check in at their desk the morning of the 11th.

Note: You will not be registering for any of the PLS workshops or attending their keynote. We are a completely separate track from the others.


UW Madison – Memorial Union 

800 Langdon St.

Room: Main Lounge



8:00 Checkin and Coffee
8:30 ARIS: From Prototype to Production (David Gagnon)
9:00 5 Minute Micro Presentations from each Project (Upload your Presentation Here)

  1. (via Hangouts) Nancy Nowacek – Institute of Play
  2. (via Hangouts) Chris Holden – University of New Mexico
  3. Fernando Teles – Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  4. Earl W. Shank – University of New Mexico
  5. Jennifer Sly, Kim Long, Rebecca Gillette, Patrick Schifferdecker – Minnesota Historical Society
  6. Pete Phelan – Northwestern Learning Sciences
  7. Heather Schneider, Yvette Komar, Raul Silva – Shedd Aquarium
  8. Joan Freese – Twin Cities Public Television
  9. Dana Atwood-Blaine – University of Kansas
  10. Laura Gillespie – University of Baltimore
  11. Travis Blomberg, Tim Lindstrom, Cathy Middlecamp – UW Nelson Institute
  12. Edge Quintanilla – Field Museum
  13. Scott Payne, Miodrag Glumac – Amherst College
  14. Jason Rosenblum – St. Edwards University
  15. John Martin – University of Wisconsin ENGAGE Program
  16. Owen Gotlieb – ConverJent
  17. Jim Mathews – University of Wisconsin, Local Games Lab
10:45 Break
11:15 Breakout Session 1

  • Facilitating Learning Through Design – David Gagnon
  • Working in environments without GPS – John Martin
  • Hands-On: Map Overlays and Panoramics – Garrett Smith
  • Hands-On: Conversation Scripting – Phil Dougherty
12:15 Rejoin Playful Learning Folks for Lunch Expo
14:00 Breakout Session 2

  • Hands-On: Facilitating Field Research Activities – David Gagnon
  • Designing Games People Want to Play – Earl W. Shank
  • Storytelling With ARIS – Joan Freese
  • Hands-On: Interactives within ARIS using HTML5 – Phil Dougherty
  • Museum Chat- Jen Sly
15:00 New Features Brainstorm Activity
15:45 Debrief Key Themes
16:30 Rejoin Playful Learning Folks for Happy Hour


Each of the breakouts are approximately 45minutes with a 15 minute “share back” to the main group. If your name is listed next to a topic, it is up to you to plan how the topic will be facilitated.


We can’t wait to see you in Madison!

David Gagnon and the ARIS team.