Proceed at your own risk. This is BETA software and is still under active development. This version changes often and still has a number of bugs and missing features. At this time, it is only suited to new experimental projects. Existing projects are welcome to test with this version, but should continue using the app store version for live implementations.


2.0 app login

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In 2.1.6

Fixed iOS8 Crashing

In 2.1.5

Login Prompts if no WIFI

Quest notifications have explicit continue button

Preloading media has progress bar

In 2.1.4

Fixed incorrect local scene requirement checking

New dropdown style

In 2.1.3

Drop Down notifications re-introduced (visual style not final)

Local factory computation has better existence heuristics (fixing sporadic dropdown bug)

In 2.1.2

Disabled iOS9 notifications to prevent fade-to-black (temporary fix until workaround is found)

Slow Connection indicators disabled

Order of “reset”/”resume” buttons restored

In 2.1.1

Various fixes for iOS9 compatibility

In 2.1.0

Client obeys editor map settings

Optimize dialog to dialog transitions

Fixed tab locks bug with js

Timer Triggers

Offline modes implemented

In 2.0.6

Images in Dialogs aligned with bottom of navigation bar (pushed down 64px)

Inventory weight honored

QR login bugs fixed

Webpages Pinned to nav-bar refresh on re-view

Honors “hide back button” in dialogs

In 2.0.5

ARISjs updates (cache, idFromName, etc…)

Fixes to login QR spec

Global(World) and Group Items

First class events (events as triggers, reqs, etc…)

In 2.0.4

Inventory functions even if items have tags

Events with Run Script Option

Log running of events

arisjs Player cache

offline requirements, tabs

group instances

game item event transactions

prevent icloud backup

version 2 of login QR

loading indicators

In 2.0.3

Login via QR code

Custom icons are preserved on navigation


Beta Editor

In this version 

Action Items: Allow player to be added to groups, run ARISjs, and change inventory/attributes

Game Settings include a setting for location

Item Tags