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Edited by Chris Holden, Seann Dikkers, John Martin, and Breanne Litts

The invitation follows but can also be found here.


In the previous volume of MML, we explored a broad variety of mobile learning activities, a variety of tools and methods across the globe. In this installment, we are hoping to make experimentation with mobile in educational settings feel like something anyone can begin doing. We wish to make the case for broad, grass roots experimentation with mobile as a way to pursue diverse educational goals.

Again, there will be breadth in content area, formality, and age of learners considered; a focus on concrete work will not only help readers who want to join in but allow the analytic parts of the book speak more clearly to the role of intent and the direction of experimentation in these new spaces. The same tools, in the hands of many educators, can take on many different guises. By looking at a diverse collection of projects, we can begin to better understand the affordances of mobile media for learning.

Our early conversations for this book came out of a panel of ARIS users at GLS in 2012. Having so many people using the same tools with different purposes in mind felt absolutely electric and we want to bottle that feeling. But this volume is not intended to be limited to ARIS. There are many other platforms or toolsets that are helping ordinary people do amazing things. Some amazing projects don’t even make use of a specialized software platform. Our theme is to create an awareness of broad experimentation in this area, to inspire others to engage in and extend these efforts.

We hope to have a tone and feel to the book that is largely playful and easy to take in. This book is for a teacher to read over the weekend to get ideas and resources to do something in class on Monday, to plan over the summer, or even write a small grant for. It’s to give courage to a young researcher who wants to begin experimenting in this area but doesn’t have a large grant. The reader will know enough about each of the examples contained here and the platforms themselves by the time she is done reading that she will feel confident she knows enough — technically and pedagogically — to get started.



For this book, we are playing with the way books like these come together. Rather than the traditional chapter structure of most books, where each section is relatively the same length, we are offering four different ‘types’ of sections that will be organized by the editors around themes that emerge. To produce an illustrative picture of where mobile learning is at today, we think a variety of modes and topics is essential.

Some people have quick short stories to tell, some projects might require longer more in-depth narratives, other groups might detail research they’ve conducted, and still others might want to share brief reports of their mobile platform. All of these ‘types’ don’t fit under one structure, but they do all offer something valuable to those who are working with mobile media. Our hope is to capture them all.

We invite you to join us by submitting your mobile media experiences!

Submission Process

Step 1

Let us know you are planning to submit and send us a quick note that provides an overview of the project and take away. Notes of intent are due by March 1st.

Submit your note of intent here!

Step 2

If you have been selected to continue, write one of the following submission types. All submissions are due by April 15th.


Submission Types

Full-length features

Do you have a “big” mobile media project you want to share? Big: meaning that the project itself is large-scale and complex OR that you learned a great deal about a project that you think the community of mobile media designers and users could benefit from. Share it via a Full-length Feature! Full-length Features should provide an expanded description of a project and include reflection and lessons learned in the process of implementing the project.


<5000 words

– Description of project

– What’s interesting about this project? (e.g. design process? implementation? both?)

– What did you learn from this project?

– How does this project inform future directions of mobile media design and use?


Research chronicles  

Are you using mobile media informally or formally for scholarly research? Do you have a empirical study that reveals something epic about mobile media design or use? Tell us with a Research Chronicle! Research chronicles should take a more academic or theoretical perspective on mobile media by sharing findings or results of conducted research.


3,500 – 5,000 words

– What were your research questions/goals?

– In which theoretical frame are you grounding your pursuit?

– How did you go about testing hypotheses or answering questions?

– What did you find that you’re just dying to share? How did you find it?

– What are the implications of your epic findings? How does this shape future mobile media research, design, and use?



Is there one significant lesson you learned from a project that you think is valuable to share with the community of mobile media designers and users? Do you have a project you’re really excited and want to spotlight? Write a Microstory! Microstories should offer a brief ‘here’s what we did’ description of and/or a quick ‘lesson learned’ from a single project.


<1,000 words

– Brief description of project

– What’s the big takeaway? (e.g. What’s unique about this project? OR What does this project reveal about mobile media?)


Platform snapshots

Do you have a mobile platform that you want to share with the world of mobile media designers and users? Are you a developer or designer who wants to provide a quick picture of the affordances and constraints of your tool? Give us a Platform Snapshot! Platform Snapshots should describe a mobile platform or tool that are available for use right now.


1,000 – 2,000 words

– Describe the platform tool – What’s its purpose? Who is the audience?

– Optional: How does it work?(Keep it simple. If you’re including JavaScript, HTML5, or other coding lines, then you might be getting a bit deep!)

– Why is your platform/tool awesome?


I’ve Done Cool Things, but…

We know that many educators are very busy. You may have limited time to do writing, but you have an outstanding example of the use of mobile media for learning. We still want to find ways to share your story. Let us know and we can set up time to just meet over a video conference.


– 30-60 minute Phone or Video Conference. (We strongly prefer the video option).

– Have a conversation with us about what you are doing and how it relates to the educational goals of your classroom or organization.


Writing Style/ Format

  • Explain your mobile project clearly and concisely, design choices, and tips for design.
  • Write in the active, first-person voice in short, jargon-free sentences, grouped into short paragraphs.
  • Use plenty of headings as signposts to your discussion.
  • Use lists, checklists, figures, and other devices to present information interestingly and succinctly.
  • Summarize points at the ends of chapters.
  • Select only the most pertinent references to cite in text and to list at the end of the book.
  • Consider including an annotated bibliography or suggestions for further reading (these are more useful than long, undifferentiated lists of literature citations). Think about doing something similar regarding tutorial materials for others to get started.
  • Keep the overall manuscript as concise as possible. It’s difficult to communicate well in few words, but your readers will appreciate the effort! Do include necessary, supportive, or background information.

We hope to hear from you soon!

Chris, Seann, John, and Breanne

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You shouldn’t contemplate going to university unless you possess or at least have a thought that is common. Meet with a career therapist to learn more about your options that are different and take the time to accomplish many research about plans and unique faculties.
Books usually takes a toll that is huge on your own pockets. Fortunately, at this point you have several choices to truly save dollars. Like, you’re able to rent books online. Another option would be to acquire online-merely entry to essential books. While you won’t have a real guide to get notes or emphasize in, you will cut costs in this.
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Learn-about plagiarism so you can prevent it. Throughout university, you will compose dozens of stories and works. Therefore, you should be sure you are of just how to employ citation inside your report so that you can reduce plagiarism, even if it isn’t purposive aware. Instructors are certain to check your work, so make sure it’s your personal work.
It is vital that you keep in mind that university is not exactly about understanding. Faculty is a significant step into adulthood and may be addressed therefore. While you shouldn’t occasion the night time aside, do not retain your nose inside your publications to the point that you simply do not reach love this particular period of the life.
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