In which good folks from the Tarrant Institute create an ARIS activity for Carmen Petrick Smith’s undergraduate educational technology course. Here’s an excerpt from their Storify piece of what they did: ARIS is a mobile tablet-based gaming environment, based on the idea of augmenting scavenger hunts with more information about a related story or lesson plan. For … Read more

The article is actually called 30 Surprising (And Controversial) Ways Students Learn, and includes a lot of things that readers of this blog probably already know, like:1. Playing scary and violent video games help children master their fears in real life. 2. Video games can lessen disruptive behaviors and enhance positive development in ADHD children 5. … Read more

ARIS game proposal

April 19th, 2013

One of our users just uploaded a trailer for an ARIS game designed to change the world for the better by being more than just entertaining. The goal is to create a game that will encourage kids to get outside, exercise, and go out into their environment more.

To accompany his excellent blog post on Transmedia Storytelling, ARIS Game Tool, and K12 Education, John Patten makes a short 2 minute video argument on using ARIS to help improve writing and communication skills in students. Embedded here:



April 19th, 2013

Jarrod Robinson created a cool 15 minute screencast demonstrating how ARIS could be used for physical education. Embedded here:

Here’s a nice example from Melbourne City School of using ARIS to prototype a game to save gorillas: Excerpt: What they will be building over the next  month or so is some AR and a game to help promote the save the Gorillas campaign from the Jane Goodall Trust and Melbourne City Zoo. During our first session I … Read more

Another great example of ARIS being used in schools.   Aris game learning evidence slideshow from alice_leung


Cool Project: Lake Eola

April 17th, 2013

  From the project Web Site: Explore the mystery surrounding the naming of Orlando in this situated documentary. As a reporter, you must walk around historic Orlando finding clues and meeting historical figures that aid you in uncovering the true meaning behind the city’s name. Complete quests based on your real-world location and see how … Read more

I just downloaded a new app that has some significant UI tricks. To demonstrate these to the user, they make use of several full screen cards that I swipe through. Some are images, others are videos. This struck me as good form, but also reminded me of what it’s like to look at notes in […] Read more

New Feature: Custom Maps

October 18th, 2012

Check out a quick demo video of the new custom maps feature in ARIS. This feature allows you to overlay custom imagery over the Google map interface, opening up many possibilities in your games! Detailed how-to coming soon.