The ARIS team has been supporting this innovative project at Chippewa Valley Technical College, led by Kasey Carlson and developed by Charles Leffingwell. Check out the video for a sneak peak.

The teachers worked with their 3rd graders in order to identify their Essential Question (and Common Core Standards) and then set to work in designing their tour within ARIS. Overall, this was a 2 month long project. Students at this 1:1 iPad school used Book Creator in order to curate their work and present it … Read more

As part of a class project for Jon McKenzie and Alainya Kavaloski’s English 550 course at UW Madison, students were tasked with creating ARIS games as re-representations of theoretical texts. Here are two projects we just couldn’t help sharing. Echoes of Feminism Feminists for the Future was asked to help invent a new genre of experimental … Read more

Student-made geology games

July 16th, 2015

Lava flows down the halls of Main Street Middle School, in Montpelier, Vermont, and you must choose whether you’ll go with the flow or try to cool off somewhere and become an igneous rock. In another portion of the school, you’re the new kid, getting a tour from one of your peers when a volcano … Read more

Freedom Summer

July 15th, 2015

This video was made for a talk at the 2015 ARIS Summit and it’s about the first year of an NEH Digital Humanities Start-Up Grant, which aims to develop a prototype for a location-based game about Freedom Summer. More information about the project is available at Freedom Summer App from Elias Tzoc on Vimeo.

Google has announced that support for the Maps api for Flash will be discontinued as of September 2nd, 2014. This means that the main screen of the ARIS editor will stop functioning in it’s current form. While it was our original goal to have ARIS 2.0 available by this date, we want ARIS 2.0 to be … Read more

Teaching Biology using ARIS

September 4th, 2013

It’s called “Mate if you can!” and it’s a game where groups of four students play the role of a male spider trying to find a mate. While they are wandering around campus in search of mates, they encounter resources they need to gather (in the form of flies and crickets) and predators they need … Read more

Jewish Time Jump:  New York is a Situated Documentary produced in ARIS that was recently nominated under the “Most Innovative” category of the Games for Change festival, an event dedicated to celebrating the “positive social impact of games.” See the announcement at Learn more about Jewish Time Jump: New York at 

  A dozen museum educators stand nervously and watch a class of elementary school kids pour into the Minnesota History Center, iPods in hand. After a 10-minute orientation from their teachers, they stream into the exhibit about life on the American frontier. They’re using a program on the iPods called ARIS to read QR codes attached to objects … Read more

Cool Project: Lake Eola

April 17th, 2013

  From the project Web Site: Explore the mystery surrounding the naming of Orlando in this situated documentary. As a reporter, you must walk around historic Orlando finding clues and meeting historical figures that aid you in uncovering the true meaning behind the city’s name. Complete quests based on your real-world location and see how … Read more