ARIS is being used by the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul, MN facilitate history learning through a process of design, research, production and┬áplay testing! Here is a blurb from their site: Conquer summer boredom and level up your history skills when you sign up for this fun, hands-on camp to learn the basics of … Read more

Jump to 2:01 to see the better begining to this great talk from our friend Jim Mathews!

Edited by Chris Holden, Seann Dikkers, John Martin, and Breanne Litts The invitation follows but can also be found here. Description In the┬áprevious volume of MML, we explored a broad variety of mobile learning activities, a variety of tools and methods across the globe. In this installment, we are hoping to make experimentation with mobile … Read more

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Honda 1.0-actu EcoBoost powerplant benefits

Maybe you have desired to possess lunchtime in the White Home? Nicely we can not manage who’s asked. But beneath is just a recipe in the 2009 First Lunch. I reviewed the menus and there’s a formula that’s gluten-free and dairy-free however, you need to be innovative. Alternative butter’s two oz . You are able … Read more

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