Storytellers, Game Designers, Teachers, Activists, High School Students, Media Artists: Come one! Come all!

This April, people from all over the world will be creating new mobile experiences from scratch in just 50 hours using the ARIS engine. Some locations will have dozens of people participating, running workshops for new users and providing group workspace and meals, others locations will be working solo.

Everyone will have the same goal: Design, make and playtest an ARIS game in two days.

We’ve found that a few days of collaborative focused design is often better than months of design meetings. Knowing that others are focused on the same thing, and available to help you break through mental blocks can have a huge impact on your productivity! For that reason, we encourage everyone who is working with ARIS to commit to this specific time and design together.

If you want to get started with ARIS and are waiting for the time, this is it!

The Vision

From the very beginning, we’ve dreamed of a world where learning games, virtual art installations and interactive narratives were available at every historic location, every museum, and every neighborhood with a story to tell (or collect). Increasingly, we have found that the act of creating these experiences provides a purpose for historical research, a space for personal and communal reflection, and fodder for lively discussion.

On April 18-20, we’d love to see 50 ARIS designs produced and made available to the public. We hope to see folks using this jam as a time to learn about mobile game design, or conduct place-based learning activities with their classes and friends. We hope storytellers and folklorists will use this time to create experiences that mingle stories with place.


Each location will be accountable for it’s own specific schedule (just click a pin on the map below for details) but these are the things everyone will be doing together.

April 18th @ 10:00 AM CDT Opening Webcast From ARIS Homebase in Madison, WI USA
April 20th @ 2:00 PM CDT Final Tested Designs and descriptions are posted for others to play 

Voting for each location’s best design

April 20th @ 2:30 PM CDT Awards Ceremony: 5 minute webcasts from each base camp location featuring their best design

Live Roster

Click a location on the map to see schedule, contact and venue information of all the jammers!

Sharing the Experience With Others

Photos and Videos

If you are taking photos, share them on our flickr account by emailing them to

This will send them to

If you have your own photo sharing account, please use the tag ‘arisgames’


Use the hashtag #arisgames to share your breakthroughs!

Basecamp Resources

To assist you in preparing to host a base camp, we’ve prepared a number of guides. These are docs that will be periodically updated.


Download customizable ARIS poster files here!

More guides and tutorials at our Training and Links page.