Created By: Fred Adam, Verónica Perales, Antonio Nicolas, Gerardo Robles Reinados, Antonio Pérez Manzano, María Pérez Marcos, Mª Carmen Fenor Martínez, Angel Perez Marcos

Project Home:

Small gardens with plants from different geographical areas grow at the University of Murcia, Espinardo Campus. In this game developed on the ARIS platform, three of these gardens are used to play the game: the Eastern Mediterranean, the Rose Garden and the Garden of the Hesperides. These three areas are linked by a greenway, which can be accessed by bike or on foot. The guide for this game is a posthumous avatar of the botanist and educator Gaston Bonnier, who tells us where to find seeds on the campus. Once we get the seeds, we receive instructions for planting them in the most appropriate place. Gaston teaches us to recognize the different flora families on the campus and show us how to improve our perception. He give us microscopic images of plant leaves which we must be matched to their sources to determine the best place to sow our seeds.

The Context: In 2010 we started to experiment with ARIS games in the Dept. of Fine Arts at the University of Murcia. We teach on the topics of locative storytelling and hypermedia narrative in the public space, and have found that ARIS offers one of the best frameworks to achieve such investigation with our students.

Our Goal: We want to improve our teaching of locative media and hypermedia narrative at the University of Murcia in the coming years. We helped the ARIS team in Madison to translate the ARIS iPhone client in Spanish and French. Currently we are publishing a set of video tutorials in both languages at this url: 


We are also interested in sharing creative points of view and experiments with other universities all around the world and, why not, working at distance on shared ARIS games. If you are teaching in Spanish and want to get more information please contact Veronica Perales, and if you are teaching in French please contact Fred Adam for more information around ARIS.