Storyteller’s Hill is a walking tour that connects the player with storytellers of UW-Madison. The player visits several sites on campus, learns the significance of those places, and hears from people on campus who are known for the sharing of their stories.

Stories are shared through the words and memories of many leaders from UW-Madison whose work focused around the importance of learning through stories. These leaders include John Muir, Charles Brown, Aaron Birdbear, and Robert Gard, who founded the Wisconsin Idea Theater in 1945. Gard was convinced that everyone had a story to tell and envisioned a Wisconsin in which everyone wrote, painted, danced, and acted or sang their story. The Storyteller’s Hill tour honors these storytellers and invites the generations of storytellers to carry on the tradition.

Download the ARIS application for your iPhone and experience Storyteller’s Hill either while standing in the places of significance or from any location.

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