Thousands of artists, educators, game designers and story tellers are making ARIS games right now!

If you have an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, click the link below to download ARIS to your device and start playing some of our demo games.

Step 1: Get ARIS

You can either click the “Available on the App Store” button above, or open the App Store and search for “ARIS”

Step 2: Login

Each player on ARIS has an account.To get started, create and account and use it to login.

Step 3: Pick A Game

A list of ARIS experiences will be listed. Touch the arrow for more information or the title to select.

Step 4: Do Quests

Each game will start on the quests screen. Read these and follow along.

Walk to Locations

The quests will likely tell you to go somewhere physically. Open the map screen to see your position and destination.

Use the Decoder

Indoors or from a distance, QR codes are used to tell ARIS your position. If you want to play a sample of some of our games and you are not in Madison, check out the sample codes we put in the Featured Projects pages.