Educators, Artists, Developers, Activists: Come one Come all.

Challenge yourself to produce a new location-based app in only 2 days.

Help us create an invisible layer of tours, games and stories that explore the meaning of the places we walk everyday.

This is the last call for participation. So far we have 21 sites in 4 countries. Join us as a private team, host some friends or join a nearby basecamp.

October 23-24



Are you a storyteller who wants to explore mobile media? An educator who wants to explore gaming? An artist who wants to produce a new genera of locative media? All are invited!

Individuals and Teams

Do you just want to make games and not host a basecamp? Use the map above to find a nearby location and register with them directly. If no locations exist nearby,  register as a private basecamp so we can be in touch directly.

Who can participate?

  • All ages, skills and technical backgrounds are welcome
  • You don’t have to be a programmer or current ARIS user to participate


Technology Requirements: Computer, Internet access, iOS device


Basecamp Facilitators

Want to organize a basecamp? We are looking for organizations and individuals to host local basecamps. Our last global event included 16 host sites located throughout the world. While we’ll stay connected through a continuous video feed, having multiple sites will make it possible for a wider range of people to participate.

Why host a basecamp? Hosting a basecamp is a great way to bring people together, share resources and expertise, and collaborate around some big ideas. Some groups will be using this event as a way to prototype mobile learning technology, other groups will use it as a way to engage the community through design. It’s up to you to decide what your basecamp wants to focus on.

What will it take to be a host? Hosting can be as simple as setting up a room and doing some recruiting or as big as a mini-conference with sessions and meals.

How can I learn more about facilitating a basecamp? 

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Partners: Field Day Lab, ARIS, Department of Public Instruction, Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery, Wisconsin Science Festival

For additional information contact: Hallah Ghanem ( or Jim Mathews (