We’ve created and collected some tips and tutorials for those looking to get going with ARIS. Use what you can and help us out by sharing your training materials.

Basic ARIS Authoring


Authoring Basic Objects (Video)

Using Requirements and Doing Simple Data Collection Activities (Video)

Teach yourselves ARIS in an hour or two (gdoc)
For small groups wanting to learn ARIS without official facilitation. There are a few basic steps and different activities here.

2 Hour ARIS Workshop (folder)
Another attempt at the information someone would need to run a basic ARIS workshop focused on authoring basic narratives.


Tutoriel 01,02,03


Tuto 01, 02, 03

Narrative Design

Basic ARIS narrative design – Thief tutorials (docxkeypdf of slides)
Thief is an ARIS design for newbies and workshop attendees to replicate as their first introduction to making narratives with ARIS. Here’s a one-sheet version of the game, and a keynote that runs through the necessary screens in the ARIS editor.

Creating Narratives with ARIS (pdf, sample media)
Manual and Workshop Guide suitable for printing created for teachers at UW-Madison. Introduces ARIS and walks through building Dow Day. Detailed and well produced. For beginners.

The Notebook and Data Collection

ARIS the Notebook Part 1 (there is no part 2)
Overview of what the Notebook is and how to use it.

ARIS Notebook basics and art contest (gslides)
A few slides diagramming and illustrating the use of the ARIS Notebook to stage an impromptu art contest.

Creating Data Collection Activities with ARIS
Manual and Workshop Guide suitable for printing created for teachers at UW-Madison. Detailed and well produced. For beginners.

Using the ARIS Notebook – Visitas de la Colonia (gdoc)
Tutorial for the professor and students to follow in the creation of a literature based game at UNM. There are some specifics that won’t matter to any other situation, but it’s a concise first notebook tutorial. With pictures and diagrams!

Game Design with Students

Tips for Running an ARIS Jam
Some ideas about how to help students make game using ARIS. It came from the Global Game Jam to help teachers facilitate their own sites.

Scrum for students (gdoc)
This guide is a 2 hr, in-class primer for teaching/using Scrum (or a bastardization of it) for student group design work.

Truchas Project – Midpoint Review
Reviewing progress and planning midway through a student game-design project

Advanced/Specific Topics in Game Design

Spawning in ARIS
A basic overview of how to use spawning features in your games.

Notes on making a larger ARIS game (gdoc)
How to keep track of everything and stay organized when your project becomes more than a prototype.

Creating Turn-based combat in ARIS (gdoc)
Jimmy Grieco wrote this tutorial to document the ARIS combat system he and his group devised for Spirit Quest in Local Games in ABQ 2012.

ARIS Pro-tip – Don’t Drag Items to the Map
It’s much better to use plaques that hand out items


Organizing Media for ARIS Games

The Art of Encoding Video for ARIS

Implementation Details

Using ipod touches when you want iphones (gdoc)
Details and considerations for using iPod touches in ARIS implementations.

Rupee Collector – the app
How to turn your ARIS game into an app.

URL’s for your ARIS games
How to get players into ARIS games from the browser without using the game picker.

Community Support

Are you still stuck? Need that human touch? Go out to the google group and just ask!

Find a bug? Have an idea for a new feature? Put it in Lighthouse! Here’s how.