If you have PHP or Objective C chops, grab our source code and start hacking.

We want to see ARIS not only as an authoring environment for non-programmers, but also a toolbox of useful code for folks that want to make their own mobile media apps. Projects like BIKE BOX and WeBIRD use bits and pieces of ARIS to make their own projects. This is totally allowed by our ultra-permissive license. That said, If you want to share back any new features you make, we would appreciate it.

Link to ARIS project on GitHub

Why Open Source?

There are many great software packages that are for designing Mobile and GPS based games. The problem we ran into is that none of them offered all the features and flexibility that we needed to conduct our research. The solution was to start our own project and make sure it stayed open so everyone can add on to it and make it fit their own needs. Plus, we thought it would be fun to play games and try out features we didn’t have to create ourselves!

License Details

ARIS is licensed under the MIT GNU license. That means you can download it, change it, set it up on your own server and never owe us a thing.

Server Requirements

ARIS is built in PHP 4 and MySQL 4. Any xAMP server should run it just fine. We run the newest distributions of Apache, mod-php and MySQL on our own server.